Discover Eastern Siberia

One of the motivations for creating this website was to increase international awareness of Eastern Siberia’s business and industrial potential. While occupying an area about the size of the European Union, the region boasts vast amounts of undeveloped natural and mineral resources such as timber, diaEast-Siberia.jpgmonds, gold, coal, fur, copper, oil, natural gas and uranium and yet has one of the lowest population densities in Russia. Harsh winters, underinvestment in infrastructure and industrial development and remoteness from major logistics hubs concentrated in the European part of Russia put extra burdens on local inhabitants and contribute to our depopulation. Nevertheless, the area has seen several economic booms throughout its history and is once again prepared to see another.

On this blog we invite you to explore new business opportunities in Eastern Siberia. We will share regional highlights and overviews of major industrial sectors. We are also happy to respond to your inquires to the best of our abilities. Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance in finding your way around our vast frontier and our national treasure known as Eastern Siberia!

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